The Political Week: G20, Ed Balls on being chancellor, the end of ‘Cool Britannia’ and how not to be burned if you’re a banker…

The maiden post on this blog will hopefully give a flavour of its direction by citing a variety of articles worth a read from across the political spectrum.

This week has – unsurprisingly – been dominated by the lead up to the G20 summit and here is an unusually optimistic analysis of what is likely to be agreed from Will Hutton at The Guardian.

Steve Richards in The Indie compares the hype surrounding the summit with the election that never was in 2007 and also questions the fashionable cynicism that has risen in the media exemplified here by David Owen in the Telegraph.

Interesting interview with Ed Balls in The New Statesman. The source of the ‘I’d love to be chancellor’ quote that’s been doing the rounds.

A thought-provoking article by Stryker McGuire in the Guardian about the fall of ‘Cool Britannia’.

Finally, for anyone working in the city worried about getting lynched for looking like a banker, the Telegraph offers some friendly advice.


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